Our delayed honeymoon to Maui and Kauai October 11-26, 2011

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Tuesday morning, we got up and drove to Waimea Canyon.
The Pu'u o Kila lookout at the very end of the road was the trailhead for our Kaua'i hike.

We started off on the Pihea trail on red Kaua'ian dirt that has been hardened into odd shapes by erosion.
We were lucky to find it dry - it seemed as slippery as Bentonite in the couple damp spots we found.

Laurier starts down the red dirt trail.

The Kalalau Valley.

The lush vegetation on Wai'ale'ale

The Pihea Trail.

The thick cloud makes it appear as though the ridge is at the end of the world.

When the trail gets damper, we start hiking on boardwalk - wood covered with chicken wire.
This surface could be deceiving - the wire gave such good grip, that you'd forget to be careful reaching a log without, and.....

The slippery boardwalk.

Excellent boardwalks wrapped with chicken wire.

A small stream in the valley.

After a bit, we turned onto the Alaka'i Swamp trail.
This took us down a large staircase, across a creek, and up the other side, then into the highest swamp in the world.
It's an interesting land, getting its moisture from massive rainfall, rather than runoff like most wetlands.
We hike through on easy-walking boardwalks, but the early Hawaiians would have been wading.

The Alaka'i Swamp trail.

The excellent boardwalk through the swamp.

The vegetation grows thick through the swamp.

Laurier hikes the boardwalk.

The trailhead finished at the Kilohana Lookout, a great view over the north shore of the island.
While the clouds swirled in and out, we were lucky to get a great view down to Hanalei Bay and the valley.

The clouds swirl below the lookout.

Hanalei Bay to the NE.

The view north of Kamakeanu.

Looking up the Wainiha Valley

The bright green Kamakeanu.

A closer look at the bay.

We hiked back the same way along the boardwalk and trail.
The sun came out a bit to light our way back and display the rich colours in the ground.

The view inland towards Wai'ale'ale

Laurier hikes through the water-carved red dirt.

The Na Pali ridge extending to the ocean.

The Kalalau Valley.

Laurier hikes the Pihea Trail.

Looking up the Pihea Ridge.

The sun lights up the red ground.

Laurier hikes up the Pihea Trail.

Laurier hiking.

Laurier hikes the ridge over the Kalalau Valley.

Laurier hiking up to the lookout at the end of the trail.

The Pihea ridge.

Last look back down the trail.

On our way down the canyon, we stopped at the Koke'e Museum for some more information about the area.

Map of the Koke'e trail network.

Another look at all the trails.

We hiked the Pihea-Alaka'i Swamp Trail.

We planned on the Cliff Trail, but the area was bone dry with no destination waterfall.

3D Map of Kauai.

The view back down Waimea Canyon from the top lookouts.

Wild chicken with chicks outside the museum.

We checked out a few viewpoints along the canyon as we made our way back down.
The layers in the canyon are pretty neat, but you'd definitely need a cloudless sky to really bring out the colours -
which is basically nonexistent on Kaua'i.

Waimea Canyon.

Looking out at the dry canyon.

The bright red walls of the canyon.

Sign on the door of a shave ice place in Waimea.


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