Our delayed honeymoon to Maui and Kauai October 11-26, 2011

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Sunday morning, we left Lahaina for East Maui.
We packed into the car, and started out for Hana.

We had to detour through a backroad due to highway construction.

The arid West Maui.

A mysterious stone wall above the highway..

I don't know the backstory on this wall, but I'd love to find out.

Upon reaching Highway 360, our first stop was at Lower Puohokamoa Falls.
This is a waterfall below the road that you won't see if you don't pull out for it.
My guidebook told of a trail to a great viewpoint, but the apparent trail was fenced off with "no trespassing" warnings.
Despite the hole in the fence and the obvious path, we respected the sign and just looked from the road.

Posted warning.

An interesting emphasis to the fence..

Lower Puohokamoa Falls.

Looking back down the beautiful road to Hana.

Honomanu Bay along the road.

Next up was the Ke'anae Peninsula.
We grabbed some fresh banana bread, and settled in by the ocean to watch for a bit.

Pano of the ocean along the peninsula.

Laurier parks at Ke'anae.

Laurier eats below a Hala tree.

The shore at the peninsula.

Swells rolling in against the rocks.

The waves crash to shore.

Ocean waves on the rocks.

Looking down over the Wailua townsite.

We next stopped at the Wailua Ike road (a gated hunter's road) for a walk to a couple of waterfalls.
Unfortunately, much of the water in this area is diverted for irrigation, so the main waterfall was barely flowing.

Wailua Iki Road.

Hiking up the lush road.

Wailua Iki Falls

The pool below the falls.

The strong-flowing waterfall above the irrigation diversion.

The lack of water immediately below the diversion.

Irrigation infrastructure.

The thin waterfall.

A last look at the falls.

We had lunch in Nahiku, and checked out the area, then continued on to Hana for the night.


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