Sawmill Loop Snowshoeing Log
A track of all my snowshoeing trips to the Sawmill Loop

This is one of a few trips I repeat many times, so all trips are logged here, as many do not need their own full page.

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Distance - 7km loop
Elevation Gain - 200m

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Distance - 6.5km loop
Elevation Gain - 185m

The Sawmill Loop is an official snowshoe trail on the south side of the Sawmill Network. Built to take advantage of some bits of trail around the ski trails, it's a nice change.
Since the decommissioning of the ski trails and re-signing for snowshoes, there are now three trails that can be mixed and matched to create a similar loop.
I prefer to go up the west side, which rolls a bit and gainst elevation steadily over the course of the distance.
After lunch at the top junction, the way back is steeper, and excellent for crazy carpeting.
The trip is signed where needed, especially on the SW path, but is generally very easy to follow.
Given the low avalanche risk and the assortment of trails, it's also a great area to explore if you want to do some off-trail travel in and around the other trails.
In the floods of 2013, James Walker Creek tore a massive hole through the east side of the trail just below the top, leaving a ridiculous amount of debris, and a new creek crossing.
This was very challenging in the winter of 2013-2014, and while the next year, crews had cut through the logs and let the path make it by, it's still more challenging.
In the earlier part of the winter, the west side can be inaccessible due to the more challenging trail, and the crossing of James Walker Creek.
Later in the winter it freezes over, and with more snow accumulation, the whole route becomes simpler again.
Because of this though, I often simply loop the east side (with offshoot to creek) at the beginning of the season.

List of Snowshoe Trips

7 January 2012

Laurier, Leigh, Danielle and I went to check out the loop, and had an awesome time with crazy carpets on the way down the east side.
Full trip report

9 December 2012

A work trip with some fresh snow and just-bridged creek crossings.
Full trip report

23 February 2013

A work trip with a bit of new snow and sunny, warm conditions.

The start of the trail to the west.

The west leg of the trail.

The group crosses the first creek.

Blue skies for the later half of the day.

The group finishing up the hike.

November 30, 2013

A work trip on the alternate east trail due to the flooding wreckage.

Hiking along, and suddenly, a blockade?

I managed to cross the mess of logs, but with difficulty.

Looking down the ruined creek.

A couple of skiers cross with wet feet.

Hiking through the forest is easier than tree-crossing.

The group takes the alternate route.

December 8, 2013

Another work trip on a pretty, sunny day with

The barrier with just a little additional snow.

Still very problematic for travel.

The view up the creek.

Looking down the creek.

The creek has frozen just enough to cross.

Looking across the ruined creek.

Approaching the alternate return.

Pretty sun and snow with additional fresh fall.

November 22, 2014

A work trip looping the east side, due to the snow conditions.
5.13km, 1:47 moving, 1:10 stopped

The group heading up in steady snow.

The tangle of debris from the 2013 floods.

Photos taken by Rachel

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