Lower Lake Trail Snowshoeing Log
A track of all my snowshoeing trips to the Lower Kananaskis Lake trail

This is one of a few trips I repeat many times, so all trips are logged here, as many do not need their own full page.

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Distance - 6km
Elevation Gain - ~40m

The Lower Lake trail is a 3km hiking trail / official snowshoeing trail along the north end of the east shore of Lower Kananaskis Lake, from Canyon Day Use to a peninsula.
This area usually has snow, but the high traffic means the trail is usually very well packed.
It is also possible to travel along the shore of the lake, and a good loop is made by going along the lake one way, and along the trail the other.
Note that it is not necessary to travel *on* the lake. The path goes along the shore, and caution is still necessary as there is usually unstable ice along the shore.
The official trail rolls up and down a bit but there is no substantial gain. The shore trail is basically flat.

List of Snowshoe Trips

January 29, 2010

Work trip.
I have no photos of this trip at this time.

January 22, 2012

Work trip on a sunny day. Loop. Broke trail on the lakeshore.
Full trip report

March 10, 2012

Work trip on a hazier day. Loop.
Full trip report

December 29, 2012

Work trip. We did a bit of a figure 8, starting along the lake, then ducking in to the trees until the end, and returning along the lake, then back on the trail when the wind came up.
We took about an hour each way.
I didn't take any more general photos on this trip, as I've exhausted that, but did get photos of some beautiful and enormous surface hoar on the edge of the lake.

Frost crystals along the lakeshore.

String of surface hoar along a buried ice chunk.

Close view of the large crystals.

The feathery crystals are 1"-1.5" long.

January 17, 2015

A work trip on a lovely blue-sky day with moderate temperature and wind. Clouded over in the afternoon as usual, though. 3 hrs return.

The Opal range looks lovely as usual to the NE.

Old trails along the lake filled in by the wind.

Looking out from the upper trail.

Taking a break on the lake.

Low snow in the windblown peninsula area.

A look back up the windswept lake.

January 12, 2014

an average work trip. Some interesting wind patterns

Hiking along the upper hillside.

Cutting back in to the trail.

The sun shining through the trees.

The wind sweeps snow across the lake.

Photos taken by Rachel

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