Chester Lake Snowshoeing Log
A track of all my snowshoeing trips to Chester Lake

This is one of a few trips I repeat many times, so all trips are logged here, as many do not need their own full page.

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Distance - 8km round trip (out and back trail)
Elevation Gain - 310m

The Chester Lake trail is a great moderate snowshoe (as in, this will be easy for experienced snowshoers, and challenging for newbies or the less fit).
There is an official snowshoe trail that is separate from the ski trails (used for summer hiking). The official trail is well-marked, and lots of fun.
Due to the popularity of this area, it is critical that snowshoers stay on the proper trail, and off of the ski trail. If you don't like the snowshoe trail, pick another route.
The snowshoe trail is not used in the summer, and picks its way right up the hillside, moving tightly through the trees, then along the south side of the creek to the lake.
It is possible to take your own line pretty much any of the way along, and many people do explore on the way down.
The difficulty can vary greatly between trailbreaking after a big mid-week dump of snow, and hiking the thoroughly-packed crusty trail after a week of no snow.

List of Snowshoe Trips

December 5, 2009

Work trip. It had dumped snow before the trip, and continued to snow all day. Trailbreaking most of the way in -25. We continued to the Elephant Rocks.
I have only some poor cell phone photos that aren't worth it.

November 11, 2012

Early season warm-up on a gorgeous sunny day. Some blue sky photos for once!
Full trip report

December 1, 2012

Work trip. Lots of fresh snow, plus snow started about halfway through our trip and completely whited out the lake.
Full trip report

2 March 2013

Another work trip with some fresh snow.
Full trip report

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