Burstall Meadows Snowshoeing log
A track of all my snowshoeing trips to Burstall Meadows

This is one of a few trips I repeat many times, so all trips are logged here, as many do not need their own full page.

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Distance - 8km return
Elevation Gain - 200m

The Burstall Meadows snowshoe route is the first section of the Burstall Pass trail - up until the gravel flats area.
It's possible to just go out and back on the main hiking trail, which has room for a skiing lane and a snowshoeing lane.
Optionally, a detour down to the lake can change it up. On a windier day, the lakes can be unpleasant, but if it's calm it's quite nice.

List of Burstall Meadows Snowshoe Trips

January 28, 2012

A work trip with lots of new snow. We hiked along the lakes and broke trail in pretty deep snow most of the way.

Start of the trail near Mud Lake.

The multiuse trail heading for the lakes.

The group rejoins the main trail after some trailbreaking along the lakes.

November 24, 2012

A work trip on the standard trail with piles of fresh snow!
Full trip report

February 17, 2013

Work trip. We got a little bit of everything with some clouds, some snow, and just a wee bit of sun poking out.

Starting down the trail with a bit of sun.

The trail into the trees.

A few inches of new snow on the ground.

The sun peeks out through the light snow.

Blue sky to one side of the trail...

Dark skies on the other side

November 23, 2013

A work trip into the lakes with some fluffy fresh snow

Commonwealth Peak from Mud Lake.

Breaking trail alonside the ski trail.

Commonwealth Peak is bright in the sun.

Fresh snow forms pretty lumps in the creek.

January 24, 2015

A work hike on a beautifully clear, sunny day with blue sky and only a few bits of clouds - unusually wonderful, with a great view.
Full trip report

February 28, 2015

A work trip on another beautiful day, but with fewer photos.
8.65km, 235m gain - 1hr, 31min in, 1hr, 8min out

Beautiful weather at the start of the day.

Nice snow and blue sky in all directions.

Hiking up the well-trodden main trail.

Still sunny and beautiful at the flats.

Photos taken by Rachel

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