Yam Bluffs
Yam Bluffs is a low ridge underneath Mount Yamnuska.
One accesses the area by hiking up the trail to where the hiking and climbing trails start.
Instead of taking either option, going straight (climber's) left leads to the top of the cliffs.
There are many anchors at the top, and several ropes can be set up, to then walk around to the bottom and climb on top rope.
The rock is sandstone, and has nice ledges perfect for learning on.
All the climbing I've done has been on the westmost chunk, where about 7 different routes can be set, from very easy to a fairly challenging overhang.
Other than the big overhang, most of the routes are likely in the 5.4-5.7 range.

The Climbs
None of the routes are officially rated anywhere I've seen, but there's an easy corner, and it pretty much gets gradually more challenging to climber's left.

The view from the top of the cliff.

Hiking out below the cliff.

The climbs from the west side.

Hiking in to the base of the climbs.

The west side of the climbs.

Climber on the second route.

Rope in the corner route.

The corner - fun newbie climbing.

Looking across the climbs from the west.

Sebastian sets up a rope on the big overhang.

Climbers on the right-hand side.

The big overhang.

Fun stairsteps at the base of the wall.

Challenging climbing in the overhang.

Photos taken by Rachel

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