Heart Creek
Heart Creek has an interpretive hiking trail and more than 10 sport climbing crags.
There are some very challenging routes, but I have climbed three of the easier areas, which are enjoyable limestone, though polished in places.

The photos in this section are organized by crag.

There is a Heart Creek trailhead about 1km east of the creek, with a hiking trail in. Climbers do not usually use this parking area though.
Instead, despite signage suggesting otherwise, standard practice is to park in the ditch off the highway immediately east of the creek, and walk up from there.
It's a short walk (maybe 10min?) to First Rock, and not a long way further to the other crags from there - the total distance in being about a kilometre.
It's all good trail, and just knowing where to step off the trail to meet the rocks - though many are obvious.

Hiking in on the Heart Creek trail.

The Heart Creek valley from above.
First Rock
First Rock is named for its position, and is located at the second bridge crossing Heart Creek, on the west side of the valley.
It contains a number of easy to moderate routes and is very popular, with the result being that some of the easy routes are unfortunately terribly polished.
One supposed 5.6 route has become significantly harder than that rating due to the once-easy holds turning into a slippery mess.
There remain some neat long easy routes.

Looking up First Rock, climber on Potentilla Pillar (5.8).

Kevin on Heartfelt (5.10c).

Looking down from the top of Trio (5.6).

Looking down from Heartline (5.7), Kevin at my previous point.

Looking up at the previous routes.

Kevin rapells down from Heartline.

Less than Zero (5.8), a fun rolling route.

Jason on Less than Zero (5.8), Laurier on Back to Zero (5.9).

Laurier works the overhang on Back to Zero.

Cavebird - a challenging 5.9.
Bunny Hill
After First Rock, there are several crags with a number of popular routes in the 10+ range.
Down the valley a ways, just before the final creek jog is another great easier crag called the Bunny Hill.
This one has some nice longer 9-10 routes, as well as a couple easier ones.
One of the interesting features is a single anchor that finishes three different routes - two 10a options, and a 5.4 - meaning easy toprope access.
I've started a couple people on their first lead on the 5.4, and the 5.10a routes are both fun and just a little beyond what I'd be comfortable leading.

The waterfall just left of Bunny Hill.

Kevin enjoys the benefit of belaying right beside the creek.

The tufa waterfall and creek.

Kyle and Marta check out the climbs.

Marshall leads up You Oughtta Know (5.9+).

Jason leads his first route - Simple (5.4).

Marta belays Jason.

Marta on Simple, and Kyle on You Oughtta Know.
Heart & Sole and Solstice
There are two other small crags I've tried out, though not very successfully.
Uphill, across the valley from First Rock are the extremely slabby Heart & Sole and Solstice crags.
While the routes are graded easy, that would be only for extreme slab fans - it's way beyond my leading comfort level.

Looking up to the slabs.

Kyle attemps to climb on Solstice.

Solstice slab.

Jason getting nowhere on Solstice.

Photos taken by Rachel

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