Grassi Lakes
Grassi is a popular climbing area on really interesting holey limestone above the pretty pair of bluegreen lakes.
There are several crags, but I have only climbed at a couple of the easier ones.
The more classic ones include some very neat extremely overhung terrain, made easier than usual by the fantastic holds.

The photos in this section are organized by climb.

While one could hike up the Grassi Lakes trail, the normal access involves parking at the top of the hill, and walking down the trail.
Rockfall is an issue, and even much of the access, a helmet is a good idea.
I've climbed at the Golf Course, on the north side of the valley, and Gardener's Wall on the south side.

The stairs coming in from the top.

The Grassi Lakes from above.
The Golf Course
Golf Course is a vertical wall and unusually easy, given the large holds. The easy routes range from 5.5-5.7, and are fairly long.
It's a great place for an introduction, and handy for teaching, as one can set multiple topropes after a single lead climb.

Climbers on the Golf Course.

Golf Course from across the valley showing the general layout.

The 6 anchors all roped.

The terraced belaying area.

Sebastian climbs up Tiger (5.5).

Climber on Elk Don't Golf (5.5), plus two more routes right.

Looking down from the wall.

Climbing Hole in One (5.7).

Looking across the climbs.

Looking way up the routes.
Gardener's Wall
Gardener's is another easy crag - the routes are a step more challenging, 5.8-5.10c, but there are four "kiddy routes", heavily over-bolted for lead climbing practice.
The routes are again vertical, but not quite as friendly with the holds.

Gardener's Wall.

The access into most of the routes.

Kevin climbing one of the kiddy routes.

Pothole Alley (5.9).

Wes climbing I Must Mention Gentians (5.10a).

Photos taken by Rachel

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