Alphabet Crag
Alphabet is a little-used crag, but great fun.
It's just off Highway 1, and a short walk in the Quaite Valley trail for short, easy access.
I've only climbed it twice, but should definitely do some more.
It includes several moderate climbs on fun limestone with lots of features and no polishing.
The ten routes have names derived from the NATO phonetic alphabet.

The photos in this section are organized by climb.


The hike in is on good trail - the old Quaite fire road.
The trail was damaged in the 2013 floods, but has been repaired sufficiently, even though the good trail is now narrower than before.
Following the road up, watch for a small trail with a cairn and flagging on your left (NE).
The crag is just 25m inside that trail, with the Lower Crag right there - though not a lot of space at the base.
The upper crag is just a short uphill path to the climber's right. There's not a large gap between the two.

The start of the road from the highway.

View along the fire road up.

Flagging marking the crag turnoff.

The access is well-marked with both flagging and cairns.

Laurier walks in to the crag.

The path up to the upper crag.

Laurier looks at the upper crag.

The upper crag.

The Lower Crag

There are 5 climbs at the lower crag, ranging from 5.8-5.10a.

6 Alpha (5.10a, left of ledge) and Call Bravo (5.8, the bolt line).

Looking up 6 Alpha and Call Bravo.

Charlie the Chaplin. (B at left, D at right)

Charlie the Chaplin (5.9) bolts. (B at left)

Echo Reach (5.8, right of crack), plus D.

Looking up the Echo Reach route and top-access ledge.

Laurier climbs Echo Reach.

Laurier at the top of the climb - rope showing route.

Rappel rope from Echo Reach.

Laurier rappels down the route.

The Upper Crag

The Upper Crag has 5 more routes, 5.7 to 5.10a.

Last Foxtrot in Seebee (5.7) - neat corner route.

Future Golf Course (5.10a, first route on the flat).

Future Golf Course (left edge) and Hotel Heartbreak (5.9, just right of centre).

Indian Ink (5.8) line of bolts.

Sweet Juliet (5.8).

Photos taken by Rachel

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