Grotto Canyon

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Grotto Canyon is a great spring option, and with this year's early melting, it was in great condition.
We saw a very large number of flowers and shrubs along the first section, and the canyon itself was fully ice-free and somewhat more settled than last year.
Flowers starting to bloom: ragwort, windflower, sweetvetch, potentilla, rosy pussytoes, star-flowered solomon's seal, red paintbrush, blue-eyed grass,
Flowers in full bloom: dandylion, kinnikinnick, strawberry, milk vetch, saskatoon, locoweed, yellow dryas, blue columbine, blue clematis, rock jasmine, rose-root,
Flowers on the way out: early blue violet
Flowers not identified: some sort of yellow mustard, small white vetchy species, little circular white draba
Shrubs blooming: potentilla, wolfwillow, prickly wild rose, buffaloberry

Grotto Pond at the start of the trip.

Starting into the creekbed.

The group hikes down the raised creekbank.

Hiking up the now-exposed bedrock.

The group hikes into the campground.

Hiking past a huge logjam from the floods.

The high rounded rock wall.

More exposed slabs at the forks.

Looking up to Grotto Falls.

Alex hikes back from the waterfall.

Photos taken by Rachel

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