WIC Overnight and Baldy Pass

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Distance - 6.7km Elevation gain - 342m

This year's spring WIC trip was on-and-off dreary, but mostly dry. We got a little misty in the evening, and then some rain at the end of our second hike.
Most likely the rain was held off by our excellent work with the new 20'x40' tarp that nicely covered the entire cooking area.
Despite the weather, the general climate and extended resources meant we were under a fire ban, so no standing around a fire also meant everything went more quickly.
We were out pretty much on time the second morning, but my slower group didn't quite make it to the top - stopping just before the final climb.
One particular standout was a fox that cruised through the campground, peeing his way around the edges. Unfortunately the morning was too dark, and I could not get a good photo.
Flowers spotted: strawberry, kinnikinnick, sweet coltsfoot, arnica, violet, saskatoon, calypso orchid, fairybells, northern anemone, windflower, blue clematis, locoweed, milk vetch
Just starting to bloom: fireweed, red paintbrush, bracted honeysuckle | Gone to seed: pasqueflower

The new large tarp actually looks a little small from this angle, but does fill right up to the trees on both sides.

The start of the Baldy Pass hiking trail.

The floodplain with some low clouds above.

Hiking along the dry creek.

A section of trail ends in the damaged area.

This woodedn structure was uncoverd by the floods - I'm not sure what it is, but would like to find out.

The lush upper forest.

Lots of roots on the final ascent.

Hiking back along the creek.

Mossy section of lower forest with lots of orchids.

Photos taken by Rachel

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