High Noon Hills

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Distance - 5.33km Elevation gain - 200m
1:41 (moving) loop

This spring has been generally very nice and the weather well ahead of usual, but it snowed an inch or so overnight, making for a very wet day.
We hiked the High Noon Hills route over the main hills and down to the broad path at the bottom, which we took over to the next ridge.
We followed that ridge along to a great view down the gorge of Long Prairie Creek, then returned via the lower meadow route.
The snow and remaining low cloud took away the long-range view, but the collection of flowers helped make up for it.
In bloom, we found Pasqueflower (mostly seed), Early Blue Violet, Shooting Star, Buffalobean, Field Chickweed, Three-flowered Aven, and Wild Strawberry.
We also found early blloms of Forget-me-not, Locoweed, Low Larkspur, Fairybells, Yellow Puccoon, Cow Parsnip, Pearly Everlasting, and Fern-leaved Desert Parsley.

Looking up the snowy first hill.

The first clearing.

The group treks along the top hill.

Hiking through the aspens.

Looking way down the gorge to Long Prairie Creek.

The waterfall on the creek.

The ridge overlooking the gorge.

The group hikes along the ridge.

Hiking back up the aspen ridge.

The group hikes through the aspens.

Photos taken by Rachel

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