Yamnuska Lakes
An easy loop in the NE Natural Area

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Distance - 10.2km Elevation gain - 132m
2:36 moving time

We hiked the east-side Yamnuska Natural Area loop, in a broad variety of weather.
It started out snowing, and snowed on and off for much of the day, but after lunch the sun poked out for some periods including a lovely warm finish to the day.
The main trails are in good condition, and fairly dried out, with none of the snow lasting on the ground for long.

Hiking down the lightly-snowed cutline.

Meadow Lake in the thick cloud.

Beaver pond and surrounding marsh.

Hiking in to Crescent Lake.

Shooting Star peeking out of the snow.

Three-flowered Aven.

Hilltop Pond.

Reed Lake as the sun comes out.

Hiking down to Reed Lake.

Flooded path below Marl Spring.

Yamnuska and Goat peek out of the swirling cloud.

The pine tree has eaten the barbed-wire fence.

Hiking north along the fence.

The forested trail along the fence.

Hiking back into the east third.

The group returns to Meadow Lake.

Mount Yamnuska is now visible above Meadow Lake.

Hiking in to the Parking lot overlook.

The Yamnuska Natural Area overlook, now fully emerged from the cloud cover.

Photos taken by Rachel

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