Flowing Water & Montane Trails

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Flowing Water: Distance - 2.38km Elevation gain - 50m (45min moving)
Montane Loop: Distance - 1.96km Elevation gain - 25m (35min moving)

Both loops are short, but with many interpretive signs and small points of interest. We took a small detour off the Montane trail.

Jeff, Erin, and I headed out to explore in the Yamnuska Natural Area, but when we found an inch of snow on the ground already and more falling, decided to pick a clearer trail.
We hiked the short Flowing Water loop and Montane loop in Bow Valley Provincial Park, which were nice interpretive walks, with a few second-tier flowers already starting to come up.
It snowed on and off, never accumulating too much, but getting pretty hard at times.

Starting on the Flowing Water trail.

Montane coniferous forest.

The Bow River from the high point of the loop.

Pond on the west side of the loop.

Boardwalk through the marshy SW section.

Jeff and Erin hike the boardwalk.

Pretty Pasqueflowers on the sunny hillside.

Flowers up - Pasques, Kinnikinnick, and Three-flowered Aven.

Coltsfoot in the marsh along the boardwalk.

Three-flowered Aven.

Jeff on the Montane trail.

Detouring to explore off the Montane trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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