Mountain Loop
A short West Bragg ski in poor conditions

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Distance - 6.03km Elevation gain - 148m
1:34 (moving) loop

We took the Mountain Road out, then turned back onto the Mountain View trail to connect with West Crystal Line for the way back.

Danielle and I went out to take some skiing photos knowing the conditions wouldn't be great, but unfortunately they were even worse than I'd guessed.
The Mountain Road was a mixture of slush, ice, and mud, though the slush was surprisingly decent sliding on the new no-wax skis.
In the upper section we found some sections of glazed snow, and it might have continued into better snow later on.
Where we turned off, I've never been. I guess the Mountain View trail is so named because it goes up into some new cutblocks with a broader view (mostly of more cutblocks), but it's very exposed.
We found the worst conditions of the day on the upper initial parts of this trail - mud, sheer ice, and tiny bits of very very glazed snow.
Luckily, as we got lower again, we found some sections of real snow, and once we got onto the Crystal Line trail, it got way better.
We did have to negotiate an ice flow at the west end, but then we landed on real snow! Freshly-groomed real snow - we were pretty much following the groomer so it was very good given the general conditions.
They must have shovelled a lot of snow onto this trail before the weekend (a race was being run both days), as it was light years better than anything else.
It made for a nice end to the skiing. We also saw a moose near the start of this section, but waaaay too close to the trail for comfort, so we hustled past, appreciating the good conditions.

Danielle starts out on a very very thin path.

Bub skis through the slush and mud.

A little more snow past the creek.

Bub heads up the hill.

Starting up onto the Mountain View trail.

Continuing into the cutblocks.

The worst part of the Mountain View trail - skiing is definitely not recommended at this time.

The view of additional cublocks from the cutblock.

Fresh cutblock near the high point.

Danielle skiing uphill.

and down the other side.

The Mountain View trail.

Danielle skis across a large ice floe at the junction.

Wonderful fresh snow on the Crystal Line.

Brand-new grooming at the end of the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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