Burstall Meadows
The usual Burstall trail with some abnormal beautiful sunshine

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Distance - 8km Elevation gain - 200m
1.5 hours in / ~1.5 hours out

A standard trip up the Burstall trail to lunch at the gravel flats where, for the first time, I had a wonderful sunny day with an incredible view of the surrounding peaks.

Starting up the sunny trail.

The turnoff to Hogarth loop with sun on fresh snow.

Commonwealth Peak and its outliers to the NW.

Commonwealth Peak glows beyond the shaded frosty trail.

The sun breaks through an open section of trail.

The trail continues on past the break.

The sun threatens to fall behind Whistling Rock Ridge.

The view up to Burstall Pass and Snow Peak.

Mount Birdwood, Pig's Tail / Shark Tooth, and Commonwealth Peak.

The group hikes back across the flats.

Photos taken by Rachel

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