West Bragg XC Loop
Skiing Sundog East / Logger's Loop / West Crystal Line

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Distance - 6.68km Elevation gain - 178m
1.5 hours skiing

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Patti and I went out for some cross-country on one of the first (and perhaps only) days with good conditions - and we had absolutely perfect snow.
I skied some purple and some blue special, and I think the blue special was perfect for the day, though I had feared the snow would be warmer.
We started up the east side of Sundog Loop, then left it for Loggers Loop and followed it to the end, then returned via the NW loop of West Crystal Line.
I had a foot bothering me, but it was a nice short loop for a first day out.
Unfortunately, the trails weren't in great condition despite the snow. Half the population of Calgary seemed to be out, and the other half was probably there Saturday.
Since most of the West Bragg skiers are pretty new, people are sliding out of the tracks all over the place, with really shreds the trails.
It also appeared that the tracksetting wasn't the best - the trail wobbled a fair bit (looked like it was set by snowshoers..) and made mild downhills sketchy.

Beautiful sun in a blue sky, over beaten trail.

Patti crests the big east Sundog hill.

A random loop in an open meadow (cutblock)? on Sundog.

Patti skis around the loop.

The rolling Logger's Loop.

Patti skis in with the sun on her back.

Starting down a hill in the sun.

The high point on Logger's Loop.

Following Patti in the tracks.

The biggest hill of the day (looked bigger from the top).

Beautiful sun on West Crystal Line.

Patti skiing in the sun.

Photos taken by Rachel

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