Penstock Trail
A short snowshoe along the Penstock trail to the diversion dam

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Distance - 4km Elevation gain - negligible
A little over 3 hours return

A huge storm dumped some 2 feet of snow overnight, and with the temperature hovering below -20, few people were out snowshoeing.
We were the first people to set out (and we only saw one other group all day), meaning all the trail-breaking was on us.
We took turns, but moved very slowly, and only did the first 40% or so of the trail, before calling it for lunch and returning the same way to make use of our trail.
It would have been a ridiculous feat (considering the planned easy trip) to break trail all day through that amount of fresh, fluffy, unconsolidating snow.
To trade off though, we had spectacular sun and perfectly clear blue skies, with frost and snow all over. It was incredibly beautiful.

Looking north at the frosted mountains.

The Spray Mountains shine to the NW.

Trailbreaking in the deep, fluffy fresh snow.

Following the trail from the easy side.

We've had a solid workout by the far side of the dam.

Looking ahead to the raised berm.

The sun is brilliant in the blue sky over our trail.

The view east to Mount Elpoca, also well-frosted.

Continuing into the shade up the sluice.

Beautiful lighting on the way back.

Last sun of the afternoon with an early set behind the peaks.

Photos taken by Rachel

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