Lake Annette

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Distance - 12.6km Elevation gain - 228m
1:57 (moving) in / 1:57 (moving) out

This hike in to Lake Annette was mostly in cloud, though it did give some interesting mist to Mount Temple as we crossed Paradise Creek.
We saw a porcupine sitting in the middle of the trail partway along, but I unfortunately failed to get a good photo.
The lake and the larches around it were nice as always, though the sun really is necessary to bring out the full colour.

The Paradise Valley trail.

Mount Temple looms over the valley.

Looking up from the Paradise Creek bridge.

The view back along the trail to bridge.

Lake Annette, very green in the shade.

The trail continues along the lake.

The group hiking along the very still lake.

Larches reflect in the water.

Photos taken by Rachel

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