Jumpingpound Loop

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After a snowstorm pummelled the city of Calgary and a lot of the mountains on Thursday, getting down to the Highwood Pass didn't seem like a good hiking option.
Instead, I hiked the Jumpingpound Loop for the first time in the fall. The snow was a lot like this spring's trip, but with a lot more tree mess, and less flooding.

An aspen tree has fallen with the trunk split spirally.

Very cool breakage in the tree trunk.

Hiking along the trail with some snow.

The view out to the SW.

Hiking through the downed tree mess.

We have to duck under some of the new hanging branches.

A few open spots have dried out already.

Making our way down to the road and the snowier south side.

A huge uprooted tree causes a bit of trouble.

Typical trail on the south side.

Hiking through a sunny spot.

The massive flood destruction of Jumpingpound Creek.

Photos taken by Rachel

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