Elbow Lake

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Distance - 4.52km return Elevation gain - 125m
46:01 (moving) ascent / 1:36 (moving) return

We hiked up to and looping around Elbow Lake on a gorgeous blue-sky fall day, though it could have been mid-summer for the amount of colour change this year.

The trail crosses the first pass.

Trail leads up to the lake.

Elbow Lake and the trail continuing around the north shore.

Elbow Lake and environs of Mount Rae.

Pano of Elbow Lake. Mount Elpoca at left (northwest), Mount Rae at back and right, and the campground beginning at far right.

The view from the west shore.

Looking back at the colours near the end of the lake.

Looking along to the end of the lake.

The group hikes along the shore trail.

The narrower final arm.

Looking across the lake/river.

The Elbow River begins here (crossing just downstream).

Looking at the lake from the end.

The pretty lake colours.

A final view of the lake.

On the drive home, we were stopped at the Kananaskis Lakes turnoff by a helicopter on the road - which we then realized was connected with an airplane also on the road.
Apparently there was some sort of emergency landing, but we never did hear any details as to what exactly went on.

The unusual scene on the road.

The helicopter leaves, and traffic resumes, driving around the plane.

Photos taken by Rachel

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