Lineham Falls

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Distance - 9.36km Elevation gain - 350m
1:37 ascent / 1:30 descent (moving)

Our final day, we did a shorter hike in to Lineham Falls before driving on home.
Lineham Falls is tall, cascading down a very large headwall.
The hike in to reach the falls is a clear, good trail, wandering through sections of forest and open meadow.
We passed one section that was washed out with an apparent detour - likely the result of last year's (2013) floods, but it was otherwise in great shape.
It's a pretty hike, on typically red Waterton rock trail, and perfect for a shorter return-day hike.

The start of the trail.

Laurier hikes up the vegetated trail.

Mount Lineham rises above the trail in behind.

Trail through an open hillside.

Laurier hiking up the trail.

Pretty red rocks in a tiny creek.

The washed-out section of trail.

Ripped out creek below Mount Blakiston.

Smaller detour trail.

The broad washed-out creek.

A first, distant view of Lineham Falls.

Bushy upper trail.

Lineham Falls from the end of the trail.

The big headwall and Lineham Falls.

Small waterfall over the pretty red rock.

Bright red argyllite in the creek.

Forest trail on the way back.

Pretty open forest.

Open hillside on the hike back.

More pretty hillside.

The hillside is probably even prettier with flowers.

Laurier heads back down the trail.

Buchanan Ridge across the valley.

The end of the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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