Bertha Lake
Hike 1 of Waterton camping trip.

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Distance - 11.5 Elevation gain - 480m
1:57 ascent / 1:37 descent (moving)

The route to Bertha Lake begins on the Waterton Lakeshore trail, which continues across the International Border to Goat Haunt.
We started on the trail, but turned off towards Bertha about 2km in.
The trail ascends at a moderate grade until we reach Lower Bertha Falls, a turnaround point for those who just want an easy hike.

The townsite from the start of the trail.

Starting down the Lakeshore trail.

The view of Upper Waterton Lake.

Mount Rowe ahead and above.

A side trail to a lookout at the junction.

Upper Waterton Lake from the lookout.

Laurier starts up the Bertha trail.

Bridge over Bertha Creek.

Lower Bertha Falls is a good-sized cascade but not super-easy for viewing.
Beyond the falls, the trail steepens, and we ascend steady switchbacks, and pass a distant view of Upper Bertha Falls before reaching the lake.

Lower Bertha Falls

Lush fir along the trail.

Hiking up beyond the falls.

Narrow trail barely manages to beat off the vegetation.

The distant view of Upper Bertha Falls.

Upper Bertha Falls.

Bertha Lake view.

The lake from the NE shore.

Bertha Lake and Bertha Peak above.

The trail in across the outflowing creek.

We had lunch at the lake - there are several nice viewpoints, and then returned the same way.

A nice lunch spot by the lake.

We stopped for lunch here.

Bertha Lake from the start of the creek.

Laurier crosses the bridge.

A distant view of Lower Bertha Falls on the way down.

Hiking back down the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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