High Noon Hills

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Distance - 4.38km
1:44 (moving) loop

We hiked up the usual route to the top of the highest hill, then headed down the other side and onto the east ridge for lunch.
After lunch, we returned along the lower trail, and took the loop route back through the meadows.
Near the turn northwest into the meadows, we saw a black bear on the edge of the trees. He didn't seem interested in us, and we took a couple photos and continued.

Wonderfully green starting out at the first fence.

Hiking up the first hillside.

The hillside just before the top of the hill.

The open hillside at the top.

The view to the west shows the peaks in the distance, but also the series of meadows we walk on the return trip.

Looking back along the ascent hillside.

Our route begins under the hills.

There is a bear on the edge of the trees in this photo.

The final meadow to the end of the hike.

Photos taken by Rachel

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