Lake McArthur
Day 2 of a two-day trip

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Distance - 7.3km Elevation gain - 391m
2:10 ascent / 2:00 descent (total times)

Our second day was equally beautiful, and we headed for the other large blue lake - Lake McArthur.
The trail starts with a steady ascent to Schaffer Lake, where we also start into some larch trees.
On this trip, we left Schaffer Lake and took the trail via McArthur Pass, which has some lovely meadows, and is highly recommended as a summer route.
We then continued up the rock ledges to Lake McArthur.

The trail leaves the Elizabeth Parker meadow.

Larchy forest near Schaffer Lake.

Schaffer Lake.

The trail leaves towards McArthur Pass.

McArthur Pass meadows.

Odaray Mountain from McArthur Pass.

The trail leaves the pass.

Looking up to the rockbands.

The final meadow before McArthur Lake.

Mount Biddle rises above the pass.

We reached Lake McArthur and again enjoyed a leisurely lunch in spectacular weather.
I can never figure out which lake is the most gorgeous, but McArthur is sure in the running. It's a richer, deeper blue than any of the others, but also clear and bright from the shore.
I took another billion photos as the light changed with the passing clouds.
It would be best to be here late in the day, but it's still gorgeous even backlit.

The trail leads to Lake McArthur.

The group hikes down from the ridge.

Neat rocks near the lakeshore.

Taking the trail in to the lake.

Lake McArthur.

The cliffs at the north end of the lake.

Pano of Lake McArthur from the overlook - Schaffer Ridge on the left, Mount Biddle in the back, and Park Mountain on the right.

Looking down into the deep water.

Clear water along the shore.

Tania sits of the cliff overlooking the lake.

Lunch at the lake ridge.

Reflection in the lake.

The lake goes darker.

Really dark lake reflection.

Another pano with the lake looking extremely dark and rich blue.

Pano from the lakeshore, where the lake looks much lighter and very clear.

Leaving the lakeshore, we took the low trail back. I like this just because it makes a loop, but there's also nothing wrong with returning the same way.
It is, however, well worth taking this trail at least the short distance to McArthur Pond, and the meadows around it.
The pond is just a small, clear pool, but it also provides a really really pretty view with the cirque's backing mountains behind it. It also looks nice for a swim.

The low trail leads off from the lake.

Looking back to McArthur Lake.

McArthur Pond.

McArthur Pond and the view up to Mount Biddle.

We followed the low trail back to the joint near McArthur Pass, and took the Big Larches trail down from Schaffer Lake back to the hut.
Aside from the larches themselves, the Big Larches trail also offers a great view of O'Hara and the rest of the valley.

The high trail from the low.

The high point near McArthur Pass.

Schaffer Lake from above.

Schaffer Lake and Mount Huber across the way.

The trail wanders the meadows by the lake.

Schaffer Lake and Ridge.

Larches on the Big Larches trail.

The viewpoint from the Big Larches trail.

The Wiwaxy Peaks, Mount Huber (tallest), Mount Lefroy (light, in back), Yukness Mountain (brown), Ringrose, and Hungabee Mountain.

Hiking in to the hut meadow.

The creek in the meadow.

Photos taken by Rachel

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