Opabin Plateau
Day 2 of a two-day trip

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Distance - 12.6 Elevation gain - 430m
4:02 (moving) return

We started hiking in the rain, heading for West Opabin, and while we started hiking up in the rain, it eased off as we reached the upper rocky sections.
Given the raising ceiling, we took the Opabin Prospect trail around to try for a view.

The O'Hara boat dock in the morning.

Looking up the West Opabin trail.

The clouds lift off Cathedral Mountain.

Odaray Mountain also sneaks out of the clouds.

Mary Lake from the hiking trail.

Mary Lake and Lake O'Hara below the Wiwaxy Peaks.

The plateau larches are still pretty when green.

Following the trail to Opabin Prospect.

Mary Lake and Lake O'Hara from the Prospect trail.

Lake O'Hara from the main lookout.

Following the trail back.

More lovely larches on the plateau.

The plateau is nothing but green today.

Looking down on the Cascade Lakes.

After reaching the Cascade Lakes, we headed up to Hungabee Lake where we had lunch, then ended up continuing when the weather remained stable.

The creek connecting the lakes.

The clouds lift beyond the Cascade Lakes.

Water flows into the lakes.

Looking up the creek.

The milky-blue water shines against the green.

The group crosses the creek.

Hungabee Lake from the west.

More of glassy Hungabee Lake.

We took the East side of the trail up to Opabin Lake, which was very high - I've only before seen it in fall.
It loses some of its colour witout the sun, but is certainly still quite nice.

The final section of trail before the lake.

A very full Opabin Lake.

A broad view of Opabin Lake from above.

The trail ends at the lake with no shore left.

The lake is full and overflown into some nearby pools.

The group leaves the lake as the clouds lift a little.

After leaving the lake, we returned to Hungabee Lake and took the Highline Trail down the plateau before returning on the East Opabin trail as usual.

Looking back down the plateau.

The trail back to Hungabee Lake.

Some lovely paving stones form the pathway.

Only to shrink to a tiny narrow path further.

Undefined meteorological instruments along the route.

A pretty good section of trail.

Coming back in to the Cascade Lakes.

More pretty-coloured water.

The good trail along the lakes.

The usual path back.

Water flows all over the slide rock.

The trail starts down off the plateau.

Lake O'Hara at the bottom.

Today Lake O'Hara is a milkier green.

Following the shoreline trail.

A final look back at the lake.

Photos taken by Rachel

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