Morning Glory and Linda Lakes
Day 1 of a two-day trip

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Distance - 10.8km Elevation gain - 319m
3:51 (moving) loop

For this loop of the Linda-Morning Glory Lake basin, I tried the opposite direction.
We started out heading west from the hut, then crossed over the ridge to the Morning Glory Lakes.
After a break, we continued on around Linda Lake, and then followed the brook back up to Lake O'Hara.
I think I did prefer this direction, but the two trips were different enough that it's somewhat hard to tell.

The start of the trail in the hut meadow.

Small pond at the very NW end of the meadows.

Looking down onto the Morning Glory lakes.

Morning Glory Lakes.

Looking down the middle lake.

More larches on the other side.

Linda Lake from the south.

Linda Lake and an unusual view of Mount Huber.

The very SW edge of the lake.

The western lakeshore.

Trail through the forest.

Cascade Brook on the return.

Photos taken by Rachel

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