Lake O'Hara Loop
Day 3 of a three-day trip

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Distance - 5.24km Elevation gain - minimal
1:45 (moving) loop

After our previous days, Laurier and I were both pretty tired, so this day we slept in, and had a leisurely breakfast and took our time packing up.
We then headed out and hiked the short loop around Lake O'Hara, taking our time checking out the waterfall, some of the cool rocks, the lake dropoff, and the many flowers.
It's not a challenging hike, and I've looped this many times, but it's always pretty, and a nice easy walk to add on to a day if time allows.

The path from the Elizabeth Parker meadow.

Creek draining Schaffer Lake.

Lake O'Hara.

Lake O'Hara from the NE.

The creek below the Falls meets the lake.

The water flows in from the falls.

Another creek vanishes into the lake.

Laurier crosses a creek.

Photos taken by Rachel

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