Linda and Morning Glory Lakes
Day 2 of a three-day trip

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Distance - 10.6km Elevation gain - 320m
3:34 (moving) loop

Our second day, we explored the lake basin to the west, an area I'd never looked into. It contains Linda Lake, the Morning Glory Lakes, and later, Cathedral Basin/Prospect.
On this trip, we started by following Cascade Brook down to the campground and then on the north trail to Linda Lake.

Leaving the Elizabeth Parker hut.

Lake O'Hara.

Cascade Brook.

The small pond downstream of O'Hara.

The shallow pond looks nice for swimming.

Moss along the lakeside.

Laurier crosses Morning Glory Creek.

Linda Lake.

We looped around Linda Lake, and lost a large amount of blood to the resident mosquitos. Linda Lake is pretty from the different angles.
We then followed the south trail over to the Morning Glory Lakes, where we enjoyed a mostly bug-free break at the bridge.

Linda Lake from the east shore.

Duchesney Creek bridge.

Linda Lake from another angle.

The meandering SE edge of Linda Lake.

Linda Lake in the briefly clear weather.

Pano view of Linda Lake before leaving.

Walking between Linda and Morning Glory Lakes.

The meadows approaching the next lakes.

Trail leading to Morning Glory.

The middle Morning Glory Lake.

Laurier soaks his feet in the creek.

Creek coming down from the first lake.

Leaving the Morning Glory Lakes, we crossed over the ridge and back through the forest to the Elizabeth Parker hut.

Morning Glory Lakes.

Pretty moss along the shore.

Cathedral Mountain beyond the lake.

The Morning Glory Lakes from above.

The trail over the final ridge.

A look up to Odaray Mountain.

Photos taken by Rachel

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