Bow River Loop
A beautiful wildflower loop in Bow Valley Provincial Park

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Distance - 5.8km Elevation gain - negligible
1:53 moving, 1:06 stopped

We went out in the evening for a short loop to check out the incredible spring wildflowers in the provincial park.
Starting from the Whitefish Day Use, we hiked along the Bow River trail out to the east end of the campground.
We missed the turnoff for Moraine (I'll have to try in the opposite direction to find this junction), so looped around the road to Middle Lake.
We then took the rest of the Moraine Trail back past Elk Flats to the rest of the loop.
I found a lot of gorgeous flowers to add to my identification section, but no real trail photos, so here are a couple select flowers.

Western Wood Lily.

Twining Honeysuckle.

Photos taken by Rachel

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