Lake O'Hara Hiking Trips
3 visits and 7 day hikes in July 2014

The combined trips

In Summer 2014, I found myself in Lake O'Hara three weeks in a row, for a scouting trip followed by two work trips.
I stayed in the Elizabeth Parker hut each of the trips, which started to feel like a weekend home.
This page indexes each of the trips, with links to the day hikes.

Trip 1: Two nights with Laurier scouting out some of the routes.
We had an unstable weather forecast, so ended up doing our biggest trip on the first day, but it turned out to be nice most of the trip, with just one evening thunderstorm.
Unfortunately, there was a nearby forest fire, and a lot of smoke hung in the air, which really killed my photos - especially from the high, pretty viewpoints.

Hike 1 - Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit

Hike 2 - Linda and Morning Glory Lakes Basin

Hike 3 - Lake O'Hara Loop and some exploring

Trip 2: One-night work trip.
This overnight we had fairly poor weather, and stuck to some less-exposed trails.
The first day it mostly threatened, and did some drizzling on and off. Nice thing is that it was just enough to keep the bug population down!
Our second day we woke to steady rain, and decided to head up the Opabin Plateau. The rain actually tapered off as we ascended the west trail, and eased to an occasional drip for the rest of the hike.

Hike 1 - Morning Glory and Linda Lakes

Hike 2 - Opabin Plateau

Trip 3: One-night work trip
Getting it right on the third time, we had two days with spectacular weather - warm and clear, with blue sky, for two beautiful days at spectacular lakes.

Hike 1 - Lake Oesa

Hike 2 - Lake McArthur

Photos taken by Rachel

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