Grotto Canyon

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Distance - 5.18km Elevation gain - 238m
1:59 (moving) round-trip

A spring hike up Grotto Canyon was pretty average except for getting to check out the aftermath of the 2013 flooding.
The trail from Grotto Pond to the start of the canyon is unaffected, but the canyon outflow is now absolutely huge, with very high cut-out walls.
Inside the canyon, what used to be a flat gravelled floor has turned into a huge mess with large piles of debris in the narrow places.
Some parts were scoured low to expose new rock, while other places had massive new gravel bars dropped in.
It turns the hike slightly more challenging, with a few new awkward places, but overall, the walking was still fairly straightforward.
There is also now a new designated trail skipping the start of the canyon, which is the most challenging part.
I was also here in April, but the changes are much more visible without the ice filling in the strata.

The start of the trail from the parking lot.

Looking up the destroyed creek to Steve's Canyon.

Starting into Grotto Canyon.

Looking into the canyon.

The group worms past a pile of debris.

The new creekbed.

One of the massive gravel bars.

Another scoured bed and side gravel bar.

The His/Hers forks.

Hiking up to the forks.

Looking up the canyon to Grotto Falls and its new rockbed.

The trail west (left) from the forks.

The route continues into the upper canyon.

But still has a couple massive gravel bars.

More mess in the upper canyon.

Large exposed boulders.

Looking back at the far side of the upper canyon.

More canyony mess.

Hiking back through the upper canyon.

The view back towards the forks.

Returning via the bypass trail at the end.

The new huge floodplain of the creek.

Photos taken by Rachel

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