WIC Overnight

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Distance - 6.29km Elevation gain - 252m
2:04 (moving) return

Spring WIC this year turned out pretty nice, though I only hiked the second day.
As it usually rains (and did a little this year), the tarping situation is always a major consideration, and we had some very large new tarps which worked much better.
As usual, I hiked to Baldy Pass, but with the time available, we made it just to the start of the final big uphill, and lunched there before returning.

New large tarp situation from the front.

The tarped picnic tables from the back.

The start of the Baldy Pass hiking trail.

The trail has some new deep washouts since last spring.

More washout.

Crazy deep washout.

The trail avoids most of the trouble.

The trail past the creek crossing.

Looking back down the valley.

More deep washout in the middle.

Hiking back through the trail again.

The end of the trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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