Jumpingpound Loop
A snowy front-range spring loop

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Distance - 9.74km Elevation gain - 200m
2hr, 56min (moving) loop

We hiked most of the normal Jumpingpound Loop, but unlike its usual spring condition, there was a large amount of remaining snow, plus a decent bit of fresh fall.
On the south trail, we ran into more melted areas, and started to find large pools of water. They became larger and more difficult to avoid, making the trail very unpleasant.
Less than halfway through, we gave up, followed a creek up to the road, and hiked back the rest of the way on the road, where at least we could keep dry.
The snow was quite pretty though, and it wouldn't have been too bad it if was actually fully frozen.

Starting out with fresh snow.

A snowy trail with not even a sign of spring.

Photos taken by Rachel

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