Grotto Canyon
A late-season ice walk

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Distance - 4.72km Elevation gain - 162m
1:27 (moving) return

We hiked up the trail to Grotto Canyon. The start of the trail had mixed snow, ice, and dry patches, and we put on our spikes when we reached the creek.

The trail up from Grotto Pond.

The huge gravelled post-flood Grotto Creek.

Starting up the creek is more challenging now.

Looking up the snowy creek.

Ice and snow near the junction.

Icefall on the east side of the creek.

Looking up to the forks.

The view in to Grotto Falls.

A rather soggy His and Hers.

The pictographs.

On the way back, we found a deer hoof.

Interesting good view of the hoof.

Photos taken by Rachel

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