Murray Lookout

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Distance - 6.5km Elevation gain - 225m

A work trip out to the Murray Lookout loop brought plenty of snow (though nothing fresh), and another lovely sunny day with mostly blue skies.
We weren't the first ones on the trail, but did have a chance to explore and break trail a bit in some of the meadows.
As it had been a bit without snow, the meadow immediately before the ascent was covered in huge feathery hoarfrost which was incredibly beautiful.

The trail starts up the moderate slope.

The sun lights up the trail.

Sun breaks into a broad spot.

The trail into the meadow.

Hoarfrost sparkles across the snow top.

The huge feathers of surface hoar.

The feathery layer is quite thick.

A close up of the hoar.

Snowshoeing up the steep hill.

The view back down the slope.

The trail flattens out at the top.

Broad flat ridge up top.

Looking ahead to Mount James Walker.

The group hikes along the ridgetop.

The group settles in for lunch at the viewpoint.

Continuing down into the meadow.

The snowpack is quite deep.

The group continues on.

Heading down the final slope.

Commonwealth Peak ahead at the valley.

Photos taken by Rachel

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