Evan-Thomas Creek
a nice snowshoe with quite a post-flood change

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Distance - 6.74km
2 hours out / 1.5 hours return

This first trip after the 2013 floods was very different. The flooded "creek" tore a huge chunk out of what used to be the trail.
Even upstream, the undercut creeksides made travel much more difficult than usual, without the ability to travel on the usual creek sides.

All old snow on the fire road.

A view out to the creekbed.

The fire road suddenly ends with a massive hole in the creek.

A new trail is being picked out along the new ridge.

The group hikes along the top of the cliff.

Looking back at the missing hillside and Mount Kidd.

Getting down to the creek at the bridge was also difficult.

What used to be a large, sturdy bridge is now well downstream of its old spot, and without its foundation.

Hiking across the new very wide frozen creek bed.

Hiking up on the wrong side of the creek.

The new creek crossing is rather more awkward.

Following the creek in the upper valley.

The group creeps back across the log/snow bridge.

Easiest crossing was a sideways shuffle.

Looking down the creek and across the Kananaskis valley.

Returning past the new cliff.

Photos taken by Rachel

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