West Bragg Snowshoeing
A family trip on the east Snowshoe Hare loop

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Distance: ~3km Elevation gain: ~50m

Laurier and I brought out Danielle, and met up with Olivier and Tiffany and children for a snowshoe trip at West Bragg Creek.
We started out on the east branch of the Snowshoe Hare loop, snowshoed to the pond to play around in some gorgeous fresh snow, and then turned around not much further.
It was a very cold day, so we didn't stay out long, but the sun and fresh snow were beautiful, and the kids took turns snowshoeing and riding in the pulk.

Olivier straps the younger two into the pulk.

All snuggled in and ready to go.

Arianne and Jacquie peek out the window.

Starting off across the parking lot.

The little ones decide to walk the trail for a bit...

...but soon get a ride instead.

The whole group coming down the hill to the meadow.

Olivier takes the very handy pulk.

Jacquie follows Laurier down the trail.

Arianne gets a ride to play in the fluffy fresh snow.

Gabrielle, Lucas, and Danielle following.

Snow angel time!

It's a little more trouble with snowshoes on.

The snow is so deep, it's hard to get back up.

But Lucas joins in anyway.

Laurier doesn't get very far without his snowshoes.

Danielle breaks trail in the meadow.

Tiffany and Gabrielle head back to the trail.

Everyone else following along.

A last look back at the sun on fresh snow.

Olivier takes the pulk for a run uphill.

Heading back, everyone wants a ride.

Pretty trail through the snowy trees.

The pulk is not working out so well for Jacquie.

Photos taken by Rachel

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