Larch Valley
A fall hike on a dreary day

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3hr, 45min return

We took the standard trail up to Larch Valley, along with half the rest of the population of Southern Alberta.
With the way this hike is so heavily promoted, if you're not on the trail before 9am, it's just painful.
There isn't enough room to pass on the trail, and there are so many groups out that you're needing to pass or be passed almost constantly.
Unfortunately, the day was also pretty dreary, which killed a lot of the joy in the yellow larches, so I didn't get a lot of great photos.
Most of the day, the rain merely threatened, but it did hit us as we finished up the trip.

The lower valley and the socked-in ten peaks.

A little bit of sun lights up the larches briefly.

The colour comes out through the valley.

Looking up to Mount Temple.

Moraine Lake from the very rainy rockpile.

Photos taken by Rachel

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