Sheep River
A day of exploring around the west end of the Sheep Valley

Laurier and I did some exploring along the Sheep River and up Junction Creek, checking out the level and sort of damage from the flooding.

Laurier does not enjoy the cold while crossing the Sheep River.

Looking along the river at Junction Creek joining in.

Laurier hikes up the Junction Creekbed.

A large pile of huge trees were dumped in this eddy.

A neat arch shows the layers in the rock.

Another cool small anticline on the opposite shore.

Laurier crosses Junction Creek.

Looking up the creek at the exposed rock.

At least some of the neat rock layers are not gravel-hidden.

Laurier hiking back.

Laurier having some fun with the river.

Piglet goes for a rafting trip.

Piglet enjoys his river rafting.

Piglet and his raft.

Laurier tries to spend as little time as possible in the creek.

But still has to suffer back through the cold Sheep River.

Photos taken by Rachel

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