Larch Valley
a nice summer hike up to the Minnestimma Lakes

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Distance - 9km Elevation gain - 556m
Round-trip: 4 hours, 35 minutes (3:10 moving)

We hiked up to Larch Valley, and with the nice day, continued a little further to have lunch by the lower Minnestimma Lake
It clouded over on our way down, and the flowers weren't as incredible as some places, but it was nice to see it in summer for a change.

The flowers under larch starting into the valley.

Hiking up through the fluffy green larches.

The first section where the valley opens up.

Looking back along the trail.

The creek between the two lakes.

Looking back to Mount Fay across the valley.

Lower Minnestimma Lake.

Eiffel Peak rises above the lake.

Mounts Babel, Fay, Bowlen, Perren, and Tuzo

The trail winds back down.

Photos taken by Rachel

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