Cascade Lakes
Day 3 of a three-day trip

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Distance - 6.35km Elevation gain - 273m
2:41 moving, 1:54 stopped (return)

On our final day of the trip, we had limited time to take the 2:00 bus out, so we started early to make it into the Opabin Valley in the time we had.
A little people mix-up slowed us down on our ascent of West Opabin, but we got that sorted out enough to take the Cascade Lakes shortcut and arrive at the top.
While my group didn't go any further on this day, we had time to really explore around the lakes and their beautiful view across to the Wiwaxy Peaks and Mount Huber.
There are a number of other lakes, including several much larger on the Opabin Plateau, but I think these are probably the most scenic to me.

A glassy Lake O'Hara in the early morning sun.

Cascade near the top of the headwall ascent.

Hiking through more level larchy terrain.

Our first view of one of the ponds.

Looking up at the water flowing along the lakes.

The creek that feeds the Cascade Lakes.

The Cascade Lakes and Schaffer Ridge.

Cascade Lakes and Wiwaxy Peaks (and Gap).

The lakes are a stunning collection of blue-greens.

Wiwaxy Peaks and Mount Huber across the valley.

The group hikes up along the lakes.

The spectacular view out beyond the plateau.

Our lunch spot at the top of the lakes.

The water feeding the lakes.

Another creek feeds into a lower lake.

Returning out the bottom end of the East Opabin trail.

Photos taken by Rachel

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