Yukness Lake
Day 2 of a 3-day trip

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Distance - 6.56km Elevation gain - 182m
3:03 (moving) return

Our plan for day 2 was a hike to Lake Oesa.
We hiked around Lake O'Hara and up the switchbacks to the view above, with some rain hitting us as we reached the lookout, and on to Yukness Lake.

The Lake Oesa valley on a dreary morning.

Crossing the start of Cataract Brook.

The bridge across the brook.

The brook drains the Lake O'Hara region.

Lake O'Hara and the lodge cabins.

Path along the lakeshore.

The trail up the initial Yukness headwall.

Looking down to a glassy Lake O'Hara.

The trail is nicely built through the talus bands.

The group hikes through the wet rocks.

We stopped at Yukness Lake for lunch, and when it appeared to be bringing in a thunderstorm, decided to retreat back down below treeline and out of the open rocks.

Yukness Lake and the headwall above.

Yukness Lake, with a mountain goat on the far ridge.

More deep green Yukness Lake.

The cascade above Yukness.

Lake O'Hara from the edge of the Yukness plateau.

Lake O'Hara brightens up in the clearing weather.

The lake shines blue against the trees.

Yukness Mountain above O'Hara.

The group hikes the lakeshore trail under our previous route.

Lake O'Hara and the view across to Odaray.

Unexpectedly, by the time we made it down to Lake O'Hara, the sky had actually cleared, rather than storming on us.
We took the long way back, and looped the lake on a lovely trail past the Falls of the Seven Veils and the other valley accesses.

Pano from the NE shore of Lake O'Hara, taking in (low) Opabin Prospect, (long) Schaffer Ridge, McArthur Pass, and (isolated) Odaray Mountain.

The water flows out from the falls.

More of the stream below the Seven Veils.

Looking up to the Falls of the Seven Veils (it's not a great view from below).

Hiking along beyond the falls.

Looking back to the Yukness Plateau, and Wiwaxy Gap above.

Pano from the ESE, still including Opabin Prospect, Schaffer Ridge, and Odaray Mountain, but now adding the Wiwaxy Peaks and gap below Mount Huber.

A sharp dropoff beyond the East Opabin stream.

Looking back to the Oesa valley.

Oesa valley from the boat dock.

A greenish Lake O'Hara near the lodge.

Photos taken by Rachel

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