Lake McArthur
Day 1 of 3-day trip

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The first day of this trip, we took the 10:30 bus in to Lake O'Hara, set up our gear in the hut, and then hiked up to Lake McArthur.
The trail starts with a steady ascent to Schaffer Lake.

The view East in the morning.

Starting up the trail from the hut.

The larches appear near Schaffer Lake.

Schaffer Lake and Mount Schaffer.

The group hikes along Schaffer Lake.

Hiking beyond Schaffer Lake.

A look back at the lake and Mount Huber.

Hiking up the switchbacks beyond the lake.

Beyond the lake, the trail continues steeply through a larch-filled forest, and then above treeline through some rockbands above McArthur Pass.
The high route then ascends a couple of rock steps and over the shoulder of Mount Schaffer to a spectacular view of Lake McArthur.

Larches and pretty bright moss/lichen on a cracked rock.

Hiking through the larches near the pass.

The view over McArthur Pass to the rocks.

The trail heads up into the rockpile.

Pretty flowers and larches.

Hiking through the pass.

Another path between rocks.

The route leaves the trees for good.

The group hikes up into the rockpiles.

Hiking along well-built trail.

Cresting the ridge into the McArthur valley.

Looking forward to the meadows above McArthur.

The view in from the high line is quite dramatic, and the view only continues as we descend to the lakeshore.
The lake is a brilliant deep blue, but with dozens of different shades depending on the lighting.

Our first view of Lake McArthur.

Coming down into the lake.

Lake McArthur and Mount Biddle.

Lake McArthur.

Pano from our lunch spot near the lake.

The rocks slope down to the lake.

The gorgeous blue of the lake.

More pretty lake.

The water stills.

Lunch at the lake.

The clear water drops off quickly.

Looking along the shoreline.

More pretty pretty clear blue water.

Very swimmable water.

One more pano from the lakeshore.

A cloud gives a different shade to the water.

Leaving the lake.

To return, we took the Lower McArthur trail, which passes McArthur Pond and then descends the rockslope quickly to finish a loop near McArthur Pass.
We then followed the same trail back past Schaffer Lake and on down to the Elizabeth Parker hut.

The lower trail leaves the lake.

Following the trail.

McArthur Pond just below the lake.

Mount Biddle from McArthur Pond.

Hiking down the steep slope.

The group heads down from the lake.

The trail descends rapidly.

Following the rocky route.

Nearing the bottom of the lower route.

Hiking back up to the pass.

McArthur Pass.

Cresting the high route.

Looking ahead and over to Mount Huber.

The McArthur Pass trail split.

The view down to Schaffer Lake.

Approaching Schaffer Lake.

Schaffer Lake and Mount Biddle on the return.

The path along the lake.

Crossing the outlet.

More lovely larches on the return.

Photos taken by Rachel

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