Boom Lake
A nice summer hike with mixed good weather

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Distance - 10.9km Elevation gain - 166m (net)
1:35 (moving) in / 1:20 (moving) out

We were originally supposed to go elsewhere, but with the limited options in the wake of the massive flooding, ended up with Boom Lake instead.
It's a moderate hike in on very good trail, with a few switchbacks and some general steady uphill, but no massive elevation change.

The bridge across Boom Creek at the start of the trail.

Bog orchids grow in the little creeklet beside the trail.

The trail looks a little water-scoured, but is generally good.

A nice boardwalk leads through a marshy meadow.

Boom Lake is a pretty deep blue-green.

A final look at the calm lake and the peaks.

Photos taken by Rachel

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