High Noon Hills

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Distance - 4.95km loop
1 hour, 45 min (moving) return

The High Noon Hills are a series of rolling foothills at the entrance to the Sheep Valley.
For this trip, we took the standard trail along the hilltops, then returned through the meadows.
The highpoint of the trip for me was stumbling upon a fawn tucked under a tree just off the path.
I had paused to take a photo of something else, and just happened to look over and see him ~2' away. Cutest thing ever.

Starting out on the trail.

The hillside on the first ascent.

Hiking up to the second top.

Looking beyond the second and highest hill.

The animal trail at the base of the hills.

Looking back up the slope.

The view back from our lunch spot.

Lunch in the aspens.

Hiking back to the base of hill 2.

The trail contours along the slope.

The group hiking through the meadows.

Much of the return route is unofficial or off-trail like this.

The fawn.

The tiny grove of trees that hid the fawn.

Photos taken by Rachel

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