Snagmore Hill - Elbow Loop

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Distance - 9.87km return Elevation gain - 180m (net)
2 hours 15 min (moving) loop

Snagmore Hill is a loop in the Elbow Valley east of the Fullterton Loop, connected with the West Bragg network.
We hiked the Snagmore loop, then returned along the Elbow Trail.
It's a nice alternative to the popular trails in the area, and a pretty spring walk.

The start of the trail along the hill.

The trail winds through aspen forest.

The group hiking through the aspens.

Orange placards mark the trail.

The trail moves along the edge of the escarpment.

Trail is pretty clear most of the way.

View from the trail.

Looking down at the Elbow River.

Denser pine forest up the ridge.

Breaking out of the trees for a bit.

Photos taken by Rachel

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