Seventy Buck Valley
An early-season exploration in the Sibbald.

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Distance - 9.9km return Elevation gain - 235m net to high point, 435m cumulative
3 hours moving time - total 4.5 hours

We meant to hike "Seventy Buck Ridge", but I decided to hike up the valley first, and to the backside of the ridge, and then return along the ridge.
We ended up exploring the valley well to two different viewpoints, but recent logging on top of the ridge made travel ridiculously difficult, and we did not continue.

We started out in the valley on old roads, and after taking a wrong turn, kept exploring until we met with a cutline and reached the Reserve boundary under Eagle Hill.

Starting off on the old road.

Hiking down the recent logging road.

More rolling road.

Starting through the valley towards Eagle Hill.

The cutline we met that heads to the boundary.

Looking back, the cutline ends, but a trail continues.

A fence marks the start of the Reserve land.

A very large cutline runs alongside the fence up the hill.

We wondered if this cutline would take us up the hill, but the upper part didn't look very nice, and I still wanted to check out the trail/route I'd planned to follow.
So we left it behind and returned to the trail we'd left, but I later determined that yes, this cutline would have also taken us right there.

Laurier, Neil, and Erin in a meadow with a bit of greenery.

Heading back down the trail.

On the road climbing back out of the valley.

Reaching the point we'd left the Seventy Buck route.

Once we'd made our way back, we followed a misture of road and route to ascend to the far (north) end of Seventy Buck Ridge.
As it turned out, where we crested the ridge was very very close to where the large cutline came in from the east.

Hiking up a section of logging road - very soft ground.

Continuing up the narrower route.

A nice view north from the cutblock.

Finishing the hike up to the edge of the trees.

The view east to Eagle Hill.

Looking back up the ascent route.

Unfortunately for our plans, the logging was recent and had left a huge mess.
While the roads had helped us get there, and the cutblock gave us the view, travel through the cutblock was nuts.
It was a junkyard mess of stumps, logs, and leftovers. We wandered around a while in hope of finding a route through, but there was no path of any sort.
Concluding that travel across the long cutblock on top of the ridge would be miserable, we decided to return the same way.
I think it would be worth trying in the other direction, where maybe if we start out in the good terrain and find a trail,
then we might manage to stay on a decent route through the cutblock, but from this side, we weren't finding anything in all the mess.

Heading back down the road.

Hiking back out.

Photos taken by Rachel

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