Ranger Ridge North

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Distance - 10.2km Elevation gain - 300m
1 hour, 45 min ascent / 1 hour, 15 min descent

We hiked the backside loop along Ranger Ridge from West Bragg Creek, ascending the Ranger Summit trail, and returning along Strange Brew.
The way up was in pretty decent shape with a bit of compacted snow in parts, and easy going.
The way down was initially all right, then completely degraded. The melting snow had soaked deep into the fresh trail, and turned it into ~3' deep mud.
We had to go off-trail a bit, as we were merely destroying what would otherwise be 'trail'.
Once we made it to the the bottom, the bottom trails were a mix of decent, waterlogged, and badly muddy, but all pretty passable.

Bridge at the start of the trail.

Lower Ranger Summit trail.

Icy trail on the ascent.

Trail along the ridgecrest.

The seat lookout has now gained a name.

Soggy trail on the return.

Photos taken by Rachel

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